I was talking to someone recently about how often people in book clubs don't read the book. It's true. So she is in a short story club, and I kind of like that idea. And I've thought a film club could be fun. Then is dawned on me.

I like the idea of a themed discussion club. Pick a theme a month and read a set of articles, see a documentary, etc on theme. Then discuss. War, Food, Homelessness, Community, Local Politics, Transportation Issues, China, Sudan, Religion, Drug Addiction, Eating Disorders, Love, Current Events, Art, Roller Derby, etc.

These topics come up anyway, but they often feel like heavy topics for social discourse. Do the people at this table really want to be talking about _______? But having intentional discussions with people from varied perspectives would give permission to bring these topics up.

Same concept as a book club. Get together. Discuss. But maybe one night everyone gathered has watched the same documentary, looked at the same set of photos of art, read the same relevant articles.

Anyway, I'm letting the idea brew but wanted to write it down.