Remember that whole Choose Life narrated monologue in Trainspotting?

I was just thinking about how we don't really get to choose a whole lot in our lives. I mean really - we don't. We can't control everything that happens.

But we do get to choose how we react to things.

And, more importantly, we get to choose how open we are to new things. We get to choose to look around, open our eyes, open the door, say hello, click on the link, sign up, accept the offer, smile at the stranger, offer our hospitality, and take the risk.

I often think about how arbitrary certain decisions were at the time. And how they've totally, completely defined who I am today.

I often think about the parallel realities that would have been, had I chosen differently.

But I don't dwell on those things, because we have no control over them. We don't have control over anything. But, like I said, we can choose how we react.

Raise your gaze and be ready.

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