I was posting a bit there for awhile, wasn't I? Then life happened. You know how it goes. Insert cliche "acknowledgment I haven't written in awhile" monologue here.

I was driving north on Aurora the other day, through that no man's land between SLU and the Queen Anne exit from hell. (You know, the one right before the bridge with 5 stops that takes half an hour to get through when traffic is bad?) I looked up and noticed a squirrel crossing a wire.

Sure, there's a pedestrian bridge that takes you from Westlake Ave to Taylor. It isn't used very much. People sleep on it. But I don't see a lot of commuter pedestrians utilizing it.

I was envying that little squirrel. For that moment anyway. To be able to cross 99 quickly and efficiently, with a great view to boot.

I had just experienced the strange phenomenon where Aurora is backed up and the bottle neck of I5 was backed up and so I opted for 4th Ave northbound through downtown. And it was clear. Open. Easy to navigate. Lights synchronized beautifully.

If Seattle wants to be super progressive, we should offer ziplines over busy streets. I get that pedestrian overpasses are cost prohibitive, but you can't tell me a zipline is going to break the bank. You just need a little height on both sides. And good, strong rope. And healthy individuals who want just a tiny adrenaline rush while crossing the street. I'd zip over busy streets every day if I could! Think of the arm strength you'd build.

Poetic wax.

Moving along and totally switching gears, I was quite inspired by the concept of the Moth that we ran into last night. Such serendipity. We had just finished having amazing beer at Two Beers Brewery's First Annual Harvest Party. We decided to go get pizza at Stellar, but they couldn't accommodate our large group. So we mozied to Calamity Jane's. We were asked if we were part of the moth group.



Ok, so we weren't and we told them we weren't, but we did decide to stay to see people get up and tell a 5 minute story. This sort of thing is right up my alley. Connecting with community. A few of us put our names in. Not too many people did. So those of us brave enough to get up did.

First, there's the interpretation of a theme. I heard "busted" and was ready to tell a story from junior high. Note found. Grounded. Didn't get to do Ski Club.

This was a common interpretation. Then a friend in our group suggested I tell the story of me busting my teeth. Busted! I like it! But how on earth would I turn a moment of me being incredibly klutzy into a 5 minute speech to a bunch of strangers.

With a little liquid confidence and attention to detail. That's how.

I was one of the first people called up and I managed to get fairly detailed. Who was there. Where we were. Recalling details like my urge, while in shock, to call 911 and Annika's level-headed advice that we take a cab. Since it was after a Mariner's game and there were about 100 cabs within a block of us.

There were details I didn't mention, like the fact that people walked by us, but no one asked if they could help. I talked about stitches, but left out how happy I was that the scarring is basically non-existent, except for a slightly lighter discoloration on my bottom lip that only shows up in summer when my lips see a lot of sun. I did manage to mention making the most of the situation and being a toothless hill billy for Halloween while this was all going on. Just took my flipper out and went toothless for the night.

All in all, telling this story was a good experience. And it was fantastic hearing friends and strangers share their own stories.

Of course, it got me thinking. How feasible is this as a social activity? A quick little evite, a time, a location, drinks, snacks - and a desire to connect with people in an atypical (in our culture), yet incredibly natural and human way.

I took a storytelling class in college. Part of my communications-journalism degree. I've always loved a good story. I love being in that moment socially, where the atmosphere is right, and everyone's in the right mood, and everyone can hear everyone else and the stories start. Pick a topic. Any topic. Taking turns. Telling stories. It happens by chance and I love the idea of it happening intentionally. A way to connect, to interpret. A conduit for laughter. Lots and lots of laughter.

Yeah, so that's been on my mind today.

And the Sounders lost. What a season. I am so honored to have been a part of it all. While I obviously wanted them to go further, at least I won't be missing them take the MLS cup. But I will be there when they take it.

I'll be missing this year's MLS Cup because I'll be in Thailand! Leaving Wednesday night. Exciting stuff. More on that, of course, after I get back.

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