Ode to Gray.

You may never see
quite what I see
in him.

But he is my beliefs
and how I see the world.
I chose him as my favorite years ago.
He is often unseen. 

He lurks in quiet shadows. 
Creating depth in contrast.

He shields me from blinding sun:
a calm blanket over the city.

He's the ground I stand on. 
The sidewalks I tread.
He's the stones I throw.
The stances I take.
The ways I relate.

He's hot breath on cold wintry nights.
The fading blue of water disappearing in twilight.

He's the city scape.
Yet strong.  And bold.

He's the sign of aging.
The cool of raging.

Melting perfectly into everything around him.
Within his shades, you'll find me.

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