Breaking over the edge of resistance.

I leave for my very brief walk to work this morning and take note of the heavy, gray sky.  But I'm listening to good music, and I'm feeling well rested and well fed.  I'm happy and I look up and there's sun breaking through the clouds.

Now whether or not the sun succeeds today is irrelevant.  I'm experiencing a moment that I think we're constantly seeking as humans.  That moment of transition.  That moment of change.  That breaking moment.

The moment the sun breaks through clouds.

The moment the sun sets behind the mountains.

The moment the sun turns into beams of light in the morning.

These moments of pure realization.

The moment pleasure turns into total ecstasy.

The moment when you're running and you no longer want to stop.

The moment in a song where you wait for it, wait for it, wait for it and then... boom.

Something changes.  Something hits you.  And you feel it.  You ride it.

When you hear good things and your cheeks flush and you want to jump.

These moments where we break over the edge of resistance and we experience something pure and delightful.

I'm dwelling on these moments.

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