Happy May Day!

In May of 2004 (wow... 6 years ago!) I went out with a couple roommates, Lauren and Mel, on a simple little adventure.  At the time, we all lived together in a big house on Queen Anne.  So, being May 1st, we decided to go buy some flowers and pass them out to strangers along Queen Anne Ave.

We loved the experience, and did it again the following year. 

Though we haven't quite made it an annual tradition, when I saw May 1st fell on a Saturday this year, Mel and I committed to passing out flowers again this year.  Jenny joined us this year.

Mel and I took the streetcar to the market.  It was her first time riding it.


We went to the market and decided to buy tulips.  We found a vendor where you got 30 (beautiful) tulips for about $20. 


We each bought a bouquet.




We left the market and headed towards Westlake Park.  Obviously, a Saturday downtown had many more people than upper Queen Anne had several years before.  We proceeded to hand out flowers to strangers.  A simple, "Happy May day!" 


A few people reacted in a confused manor.  There are some who turned us down.  But for the most part, people smiled and said thank you.  And that was that.

Yesterday was a busy day at Westlake Park.  There were some very aggressive and judgemental evangelicals, some anti-war protesters, a marijuana-legalization march, and people were gathering for an immigration rally. 

On a busy day like this, it was refreshing to be out there with no agenda, other than to make people smile.   To wake someone up, for just a brief moment, from their routine.  To give freely, without expectation.

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  1. LOVE IT! I used to do this for the girls on my wings at PLU, people thought I was a little nuts. Keep it up. *grin*