on conversation

Few things in this world excite me as much as good conversation. Cafe culture. People gathering and discussing ideas. To me, this is the true essence of public life. It's the reason to go to a pub. It's the reason to invite friends out. It's the reason to live outside of ourselves.

I could eavesdrop on a good conversation and be entertained for hours.

But it surprises me how often our culture doesn't foster good conversation. So often it's dominated by celebrity gossip. TV show recaps. Talking about other people. Shouting over loud music. Another observation about the weather. Activities that require us to be the audience, or the moving body, but not the conversationalist.

I am, therefore, always impressed and inspired by people and spaces that foster conversation.

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  1. Good point!

    Conversations take time, patience, and curiousity. All three seem often lacking in our hectic consumer culture today.

    Perhaps too many Americans have been seduced into buying too many objects and working too many hours. A real, deep conversation takes time and an openness to what might evolve. The focus in on encountering the other person, not imposing an agenda or rushing off to work. For instance, I must conclude these short comments to go teach a class!