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Last night I gathered with lovely ladies to imbibe lovely beverages and eat amazing food and discuss a book I hadn't read.

Yes, I was totally that girl who went to book club and never even got my hands on the book. But the amazing Lorna hosted. Everything she described in the evite sounded (and was indeed) divine.

I've come to realize just how much I love pork belly. So. Good.

It was a room of people who embrace social media. Twitter this. Facebook that. Oh, and blogging.

I haven't been blogging much lately.

Why? So many reasons. And I vow, at this very moment, not to make this post your typical, "I never write and I need to write, so now I'm gonna write more," post. Because even when I've been blogging a whole heckuva lot, I still am inconsistent. Sometimes I'm inspired to write multiple posts a day. Sometimes I'm just not feeling it, or don't have time for days on end.

I started this specific blog when I moved closer to downtown. And I L.O.V.E. living where I live. I'm actually very content with my life in general these days. Work is going really well. Love life is dandy. Social life is fluttering along. I don't feel like a total newbie on the soccer field. I ran (mostly) my first 10K in August. I'm planning a trip to Thailand in November. I have the coolest Little Sister ever. Sounders won the US Open Cup and are still contenders for MLS playoffs. Life is good.

I think I've (yet again) tried to pigeonhole my writing and find a purpose. Let's face it. I'm not one of those bloggers. I'm not going to try a new recipe every day. I love food, but am not a food blogger. I love films, but I'm not a film blogger. I love Seattle and SLU, but this isn't about what's happening in those areas either. Go to Seattlest, Daily Candy, etc for that. I'm not looking to replicate.

I'm looking to write.

And, in a perfect world, avoid coming across as completely narcissistic.

I'm also playing around a lot more with photography. There's a deep satisfaction I get when I capture something the way I was hoping to. When my vision and reality synchronize. So look forward to more visuals.

Anyway, since this is just me waxing poetic about waxing poetic, I'll stop for now. Next on the agenda is to... write. More.

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