Mashed Potatoes with Leeks. Steamed Rainbow Chard

As I've mentioned before, I've been loving having a small box of New Roots produce delivered every other Monday. I love that it's mostly local and organic (occasionally they will arrange to have produce sent up from California when it isn't in season here.) It forces me to prepare and eat many vegetables I may not be in the regular habit of eating. It's convenient and nutritious.

The challenge is that we lead fairly busy schedules. I find solace in cooking, but I get off work a little later than many. And one of us has soccer 3 nights a week. Which typically means smaller, lighter dinners. Don't want to run around for 90 minutes on a full stomach. And don't want to eat a big meal too late.

Last night was a perfect example of this. Jed went to soccer and I wanted something simple. My mission was to basically only eat New Roots vegetables. Not a problem.

Leeks and taters.  In a bowl.

I had 3 potatoes and some leeks from my sister-in-law. (Yep, it came with the eggplant!) I lightly peeled (I like a little skin left in) the potatoes and boiled them in water.

I sliced the leeks, focusing on keeping the whiter parts.

Sliced leeks.

Then I sautéed them with some butter in a skillet.

Sautéing leeks.

I mashed them with some sour cream.

Mashin taters.  With Leek.  And Sour Cream.

They went nicely with the steamed rainbow chard, sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Leek Mashed Potatoes and Rainbow Chard.

Simple. Filling. Nothing fancy, but a very satisfying little meal.

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