The Woodland Park Zoo

I took my Little Sister to the zoo on Friday. I've been wanting to go all summer, and with the impending seasonal change (it is fall now, isn't it?) the timing was perfect. The weather was ideal.

I picked her up after school and we went and got some bubble tea. Boy does she love her bubble tea! But then, as an occasional treat, so do I. I had lavender with tapioca. She had vanilla with tapioca.

We got to the zoo at about 5:00. I was a little worried that they'd be closing soon and we wouldn't be able to see everything. On the contrary, it was perfect timing. They let people in until 6:00, but you don't have to leave the grounds until 7. Two hours turned out to be just enough time to do one quick lap around the zoo.

I know there are often free tickets circulating for the zoo. They have a $2 off coupon pretty much all of the time. But, it turns out, they were offering $4 off on Fridays after 4:00 pm. Fun!

I have a few favorite photos from the zoo.

This baby gorilla put on quite a show for us. The angle was hard to shoot, but you can just tell he was adorable, right?


I remember when the flamingo campaign started. I actually thought it was for Dexter. It wasn't until I looked it up online that I realized I was seeing pink splatter.

Anyway, they were, indeed, quite pink.



Isn't this little guy cute?


We became fast friends with some emus.



This bear kept us entertained for awhile. Check out those teeth!


Look at his grin. Much less threatening when the teeth aren't showing!


We didn't get a chance to see the baby snow leopards, and quite a few of the animals were asleep. But it was totally worth it going on a Friday afternoon. No crowds. Few people in general. No waits. Just us and the animals.

Although this guy made me sad...


He was looking at us, looking at him.

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